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Derivative Yield Farming

Swap, liquidity, farming, price divergence adjustment function between different exchanges Maintain long-term APY with a breakthrough method of returning four fees to farming participants.

We will innovate in this industry, which is said to be APY but does not last for a year. In addition, due to a business alliance with KOCJ Token, if you deposit either HRS or KOCJ token, you will be charged a fee for tokens from both.

This is a mechanism that has become possible independently because we own our swaps and our farms. In the future, this will enable in-house swaps and minor tokens that do not maintain in-house farming to be listed on all of our exchanges to further increase liquidity.

In addition, the token issuer needs to instantly close the price gap by trading a small amount instantaneously with the automatic adjustment function to fill the price gap that occurs between multiple exchanges, thereby filling the price gap with automatic trading and generating profits. We will raise it to generate a new fee and return it to the farm.


We have developed a personal information encryption management system by DeFi with the vision of  Safety of all people.

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Regarding Yield farming’s profit display
7月 12, 2021By
Notice regarding initial price at the time of listing on Uniswap
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